Keyboard battle & The Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard

Getting further in the quest for the ultimate, mid-priced ergonomic solution I got the Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard with the V3 risers. I opted for the V3 over the VIP3 due to reports on the size of the wrist pads and fear that it wouldn’t fit on the Workfit-A.

I tried the Goldtouch before committing, albeit an older version, and found the keys a bit harder to press than I was looking for. It probably wouldn’t have been a problem on a more secure desk, but the Workfit-A is requiring some extra consideration due to the wobble effect.

The 2 largest problems I had with the Goldtouch version I tried was the ctrl key was located too far off to the left, beyond the left limit of the normal keyboard, and that the spacebar extended too far. Those problems might seem minor but the less comfortable a solution feels the less useful it is. For the record, both those issues seem to have been fixed in current versions, so my experience is already outdated.

Old Goldtouch vs New, compare which letter the space bar extends to on both, and the location of the ctrl key.

The Kinesis, though, is excellent. Coming from a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard, it was not much of a shift at all. Having the halves completely split is extremely nice, I didn’t expect it to be so useful.

I’d recommend it but also can’t compare this to the newest Goldtouch, so this is not as complete a comparison as I expected.

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