Moving back to a standing desk – The Ergotron Workfit-A

[Update : a comparison of the Workfit-A and Workfit-S]

Ever since I left Napster I’ve been missing my standing desk and finally committed to one at home. Given the San Diego housing market, we could only afford a thimble-sized house and, as such, making the best use of space is pretty critical.

I would have jumped on a geekdesk but I was looking when they were backordered on the current version and the next version was still a month out. I’m far too impatient for that. That left a few ergotron options and I decided to jump on the workfit-a laptop/monitor setup.

Putting it together was a joy it looks amazing. I was immediately disappointed, though, when I started typing; the typing made the monitors wobble!

I’m only a night in but am adjusting my behavior to see if it works. So far, it’s not nearly as bad as I first thought it would be. I’ve been looking at getting a new keyboard because my microsoft ergonomic requires too much force to type anyway. A split

I *want* to make this work, and tightening the tension and securing it to a weightier desk has helped. Will post a full review in time.

5 thoughts on “Moving back to a standing desk – The Ergotron Workfit-A”

    1. Still working it out. I got a keyboard that requires much less force to type (the kinesis freestyle) and that helped.

      Retraining myself to not rest my wrists on the keyboard area helped the most, and is probably the best overall benefit.

      I don’t know if I’d choose this again because it wasn’t love at first sight, but I’m happy with it right now.

      1. Hi, could you give us an update on your interaction with the Workfit A station? I’m really close to buying it, but I’m still concerned that it might be too wobbly :-)


  1. I have purchased both a Workfit A and a Workfit S. I got the A first and found it to be wobbly and more important that I could not get the key board to travel to a position lower than the desk top so for a shorter person it would not be any good to use with a proper size ball or sitting surface. However the Workfit S which I set up yesterday is excellent. No wobble, and it goes well below the desk top so it is very well suited for a tall or short person for standing or sitting. I really like the S a lot more than the A

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