The One Biggest Problem with Google Glass

After months of using Glass for a variety of purposes in a variety of environments I’ve found that I always end up at one situation that has no good solution.

What do you do with Glass when you don’t want to wear it anymore?

Where do you put it?

Glass doesn’t fold and is delicate, so where does it go when it’s not on your head? If you’re using the sunglass accessory then you have two pieces to manage when you want to go Glass-less.

Glass comes with a carrying bag but it is bulky and still can’t be shoved just anywhere lest you want to risk snapping Glass’s frame. If you’re a typical guy you probably don’t have any place to put the Glass bag anyway, women might have a purse big enough to fit it regularly. Even in my laptop back the Glass case barely fits and causes substantial extra bulk.

This is the best solution I’ve been able to come up with. Does this look convenient to you?

This is how I carry Glass and the sunglasses while out.
This is how I carry Glass and the sunglasses while out.

When would you want to take Glass off?

All the time

  1. When you meet someone, it is polite to take off Glass to show you are giving full attention.
  2. When you’re in a sensitive environment, it’s polite to not wear Glass so people know you are not recording.
  3. When the battery dies.
  4. When you can’t use it (sun, noise, no data, etc)
  5. When your phone dies or doesn’t have service, Glass’s usefulness decreases.
  6. When it becomes too uncomfortable to wear.
  7. When you’re doing anything remotely athletic. Sweat and Glass don’t mix.
  8. When your doing anything that could damage Glass (playing with kids, going on theme park rides, wearing hats)
  9. When you don’t want to look like a tool wearing “Google Glasses”
  10. When you’re in a place that bans Glass.
  11. and so much more.

Glass isn’t useful and comfortable enough to want to keep on at all times so that leaves a lot of times that I want to keep Glass off. If it’s not convenient to transport off my head then it sits at home, unused.

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