About Me

I’m Jarrod Overson, Director of Engineering at Shape Security where I’ve been since 2014. I’m a frequent speaker on security and web development topics, a published O’Reilly author, and community organizer.

Professional experience

I’m a web developer by passion and have worked at Riot Games, Napster, Verizon and a handful of startups since 2000. I’m currently focused on web security and identity protection and am Director of Engineering at Shape Security where I have been able to apply a unique background in esoteric web technologies, performance, and privacy in extremely unique ways.

Shape Security

Shape Security is a cyber security company headquartered in Mountain View, CA and focused on protecting enterprises from large scale automated threats such as credential stuffing. I’ve been part of Shape Security since 2014 and helped get the first generation out the door and led the development of the second and third generations of the defense product. As Director of Engineering I built a team that I am extremely proud of and am now focused on public education on emerging security threats and solutions. The team has built some of the most incredible technology I’ve ever seen and we are solving some of computing’s scariest problems but we’re so far ahead that we need to go back and help the world catch up.

A more detailed rundown of my experience is available on LinkedIn

Misc Experience


I co-chaired the QCon San Francisco conference from 2014-2017 and have led tracks, spoken, and keynoted QCon conferences since 2013. Having a hand in coordinating content for such a large conference was a really fun and challenging opportunity.


I was co-founder and instructor of JavaScriptU, a series of educational programs and workshops that helped bootstrap people through the learning process of building modern web applications with JavaScript as a primary development language.


I’ve organized over 200 regional meetups since 2011, helping build San Diego’s JavaScript community from the ground up and growing JavaScript communities in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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Jarrod is a Director at Shape Security, speaker, O'Reilly author.