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Speaker History

Speaking details, videos, and slides are listed here. If you’re interested in having me speak at your event or company, please reach out via the contact page or twitter at @jsoverson.

Major Events

Conferences & other public events

2016 QCon SF

The Life of Breached Data

2016 Fluent Conference

The Dark Side of Security

2015 HTML5 Dev Conf

JavaScript and the AST

2015 ViewSourceConf

Graphics Programming for Web Developers

2015 ModernWebUI

ES2015 Workflows

2014 San Francisco JS

Achieving Maintainability

2014 South Bay JS

Idiot Proofing your JavaScript

2014 QCon Brazil

Keynote: Riot on the Web

2014 Fluent Conference

Managing JavaScript Complexity in Teams

2013 jQuery Conference

Real World Web Components

2013 QCon SF

Managing JavaScript Complexity

2013 HTML5 Dev Conf

Continuous Delivery for the Web Platform

Other speaking history

Slides for meetups, company events, etc can be found intermixed at SlideShare here